The Pokemarts have been finished. Each of the four servers have one now.

Kanto. Johto. Hoenn. Planet. 

Make sure to check yours out :)

Gym Update

So it’s that time again!

Due to the (not so recent) recent update, many more Pokemon, Abilities and Moves became available for the community to use. Because of this, it became time to update the Gym Teams again. However, this time, things are a little different.

The overall system will be the same, however, the normal gyms (20-90) are no longer as difficult as they can be. Each gym team is now centered around a theme, meaning that they are not necessarily as “impossible” as they were. These are designed to teach players that are newer to the competitive scene about different strategies, not to challenge the players that already know everything. These themes are as follows:

Rock Gym: Sturdy + Entry Hazards

Water Gym: Rain

Electric Gym: Volt-Turning/Momentum

Grass Gym: Status

Poison Gym: Stall

Psychic Gym: Trick Room

Fire Gym: Sun

Ground Gym: Phazing

Pixelmon Legacy

Some of you are now aware that we have been working on a ~final~ 1.7.10 version of Pixelmon, version 3.5, or 'Legacy'. This version will include a lot of fixes for previous issues, mostly serverside, that have been reported over the past year. It will also include only a few Pokemon, items and features that have been created for 1.8. (Not everything, note that 1.8 is still the flagship for us).